Our plans for the corner of Glendale golf course have fallen through at least in the Short term. We are now waiting to hear exactly what Salt Lake county is planning for the Jordan River Water Trail - funded by ZAP. They should have final details very shortly and we are now hoping we will be able to tie in with that to build a boathouse/Storage tent at the Trailhead on the section of the Jordan River near 2100 South.

When we finally find out exactly what they plan we will want to work quickly to be able to work with them as the trailhead construction progresses and will need the funds on top of our grant to start construction as it progresses if we are able.

Mar 2016
Grants and Donations
Unfortunately our grants fell through due to us not being able to get permission to use the corner of land we had been led to believe we might be able to use. With better coordination we hope to be able to plan to build a boathouse in a similar location in the near future.

We have been awarded TWO grants at the moment. One from the State Dept. Fire, Forestry and State Lands through the Jordan River Commission for $29,000 and the second is a Waypoint Grant from The Governors Office of Economic Development for $30,000.

We have also applied for another grant that we are waiting to hear from but are hopeful.

The bad new is though that there were so many requests for the Waypoint grant that our requested amount was cut down by quite a margin. So we are now on the lookout for more grant opportunities and donations as we need to raise about another $80,000 to get our project up and running.

What is our latest project?
These grants are going towards Boat storage and trail head to be located at the South East corner of Glendale Golf Course. this is where the Surplus canal leaves the Jordan river via a dam/weir and some sluice gates. The Idea is to put a large dock on the upstream side that we can launch rowing shells from and a smaller one on the downstream side of the Jordan river.
In combination with the Jordan River Parkway trail the public can use the docks and trail as a portage around the weir.
Also the parking will mean it can act as a trail head for accessing the Jordan River.
We hope to be able to erect a truss tent/building for storage of rowing shells and other personal watercraft.
This will give great access to the public to come and try rowing actually in Salt Lake City. This location is also within walking distance of the River Trail Trax Station on the Green line.
You may be wondering what about our other dock. If all goes well we will be bringing that up and locating it on the surplus canal at the same location meaning that there will be access to all three sections of the river/surlpus canal at this location.

So we are looking for donation from all sources to help us finance this project, Please Help if you can!

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Our Last Project!
The fundraising for a larger Dock was a great success. We raised over $17,000 and will now have a 45' by 10' safe and stable dock that can actually launch an eight in one go. Many Thanks to all our Donors.

Finally had water, the dock, an eight and a camera, to take this picture, the dock is fantastic! We can even launch small boats off the nearside as well. Waterford getting ready to lower the eight into the water for the final of the Womens Junior 8+ race.

Utah Crew getting ready to push away from the dock for the final.

Never to old to learn to row!