The Big Picture

Potential site on the Jordan River for the Riversports Center.

Why stop at just rowing. The Jordan river is a great amenity for the whole valley. Why not give the whole valley an opportunity to enjoy it.

Morphing from building just a boathouse for rowers, we would like to build a Riversport center. It will be a fitness center with benefits. The benefits of sharing the water with other sports will be tremendous. We like to say Utah is a great outdoor state. Yet we don't have any outdoor water facilities. A Riversports center would include many outdoor fitness aspects. Things like Rowing, Kayaking, Stand-up paddle-boarding Cycling, Running, Events and Racing, Corporate rowing and Team Building could be included in the Riversports center.

Master Plan Layout

Water sports are eventually going to become popular in the valley and this could cause problems with different groups clashing for time on the water. So make the useable stretch bigger. Many Regattas are long distance races called a "Head of the River" usually over 4,000m in length. With some developmental changes we could also create a 4,000m length of rowable water on the Surplus canal. There are literally a number of obstacls in the way at the moment. There is a map below but the changes would be as follows.

  • A new boathouse at approx 1200South next to the canal. Mainly to accommodate college rowing and the crews training for regattas.
  • Twin Floating dock to enable crews to bypass the weir at 2100S
  • The removal or restructuring of the railway bridge at 1700S so boats can pass easily underneath.
  • The Bridges at California and Redwood Rd junction that pass over the Canal could be heightened.
  • The Railway bridge from the line 9 bike route could be removed or made into a higher pedestrian bridge.
  • A paved track alongside the canal for coaching bikes.
  • Removing the Railway bridge at 1700S if it cannot be restructured would require reconnecting the railway line around 650S and 2400W to connect business that use rail transportation