May 10th and 11th are our Local Home Regatta's!

Brine Shrimp Sprints

May 10th

This regatta takes place on the Surplus Canal at approx 2300 West Indiana Ave (850 to 900 South) The Brine Shrimp Sprints may be a funny name for a competition on the surplus canal but its left over from when the race used to be on the Great Salt Lake several years ago. The Course is approx 1200m from a free start for various boat types from single sculls to eights. There will be approx 100 competitor's the majority will be juniors ages 14-18 but there will also be some masters racing. Google Map it.

Racing is expected to start at around 8:00am and is expected to last about 4 hours.

Wasatch Dash

May 11th

This year for the first time ever we are also holding the Wasatch Dash on the Jordan River. The regatta will be centered around the Redwood Trail-head park at the end of 2320 South approx 1000 West. This is the ultimate in Sprint racing. The course is 500m upstream on the Jordan River. This is being organized by Great Salt Lake Rowing in association with Wasatch Rowing Foundation. For this course we have decided not to have any eights but we are having fun scratch 4+ event for competitors after the other events.. Competitors who wish to enter put their name in a hat depending on their status master, junior and male and female. The crews are then selected randomly to be as fair as possible the ideal being one of each male and female, junior and master. Google Map It.

Racing is expected to start at approx 9:00am and will last about 4 hours.