Wasatch Rowing Foundation

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Wasatch Rowing Foundation

The "Wasatch Rowing Foundation" is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization set-up to raise funds to build a Boathouse and training facility on or near the Jordan river. This will enable us to promote the use of the Jordan River or Overflow canal as a place for recreation in the sports of Rowing, Canoeing, Kayaking and Stand up Paddle Boarding. The primary focus will be to encourage and expand the current youth programs and then to broaden the interest in watersports particularly rowing to everyone.

Is There Rowing in Utah?

For many years there has been rowing on the Great Salt Lake since the early 1900's in fact, but rowing in Utah is currently a sport with a very low profile. We want to change that! After all why should a highly prestigious Olympic sport have only a minimal presence in Utah. The answer is a typical chicken and egg situation, one doesn't happen without the other.

The countless number of times I have heard people say "I didn't know there was rowing in Utah"

Far From Ideal

The Great Salt Lake is far from ideal. Because of its size a gentle breeze can produces large waves which can make rowing hazardous and anything stronger makes it impossible. For our Junior programs we cannot choose which days we practice and thus in the Spring we generally had to cancel a third of our outings and another third can feel more like survival than a good practice. The Summer and Fall can often produce great days with mirror flat water, great for recreational rowing. Yet we store our boats outside and all year long the sun degrades the boats, the salt water corrodes the fittings and gets in the motors of the safety/coaching launches. The Great Salt Lake also produces millions of Brine Flies in the summer which is food for the spiders that live around the edges of the lake and sometimes they can reduce the enjoyment quite a lot. Yet a few dedicated individuals and some innovative coaches, row, practice and travel hundreds of miles to compete and still manage to bring home a few medals.

But we could do better......