Since being setup in Feb 2011 and receiving approval from the IRS to be a 501(c)(3) in Sept 2011 we have had periods of being very busy and what feels like sitting around waiting for things to happen.

What we thought would be our first task of raising funds to build a boathouse has taken a step back so to speak as its pretty tough trying to raise funds for something no one has heard about. So we have been quietly and not so quietly talking up rowing and getting the word out that their is rowing in Utah!

We have given presentations, talks, held meeting and joined the Jordan River commission. We have also held two rowing regatta's called the Wasatch dash, participated in the "Get into the River festival" during which we held the Mayors Race between Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams.

Our major achievement has been raising $17,000 to purchase a major extension to the rowing dock to make it lager and safer for crews getting on and off the water.

We have had a modification to Utah State law that will allow Wakeless launches on the Jordan river with permission of the stakeholders which will be a boon for safety and coaching.

Another major development for rowing but not accredited to the foundation is the setting up of a Mountain West region and it will host its first junior championship in May 2016

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