Mission & Objectives

Wasatch Rowing Foundation Mission Statement

Build and operate a boathouse to promote and develop the sport of rowing in the Salt Lake Valley with a focus on youth rowing in particular and an emphasis on at risk youth. Attract wide community involvement to promote the use and enjoyment of the Jordan River while endeavoring to provide publicly available amenities.

Wasatch Rowing Foundation Objectives

    • Provide rowing shell storage for local rowing organizations.
    • Encourage and conduct programs to inform and instruct the community on rowing.
    • Provide fitness facilities to the rowing organizations and local community.
    • Encourage and conduct local and regional rowing events.
    • Encourage public participation in community events along the Jordan River.
    • Offer the community a public meeting place.
    • Encourage and ensure public access to the river and docks.
    • Provide reduced fees or fee waivers to at risk youth who need help.


  • Set up the Wasatch Rowing Foundation as a 501(c)(3) Tax exempt organization. ✓
  • Publicize the foundation and its purpose
  • Start fund raising, whilst defining a location for the boathouse.
  • Define functionality and space requirements of the boathouse
  • Bring in an architect to design our ideas
  • Obtain building quotes, define and obtain required permits
  • Start the building process.

How will we know if we have Succeeded?

When the rowing organizations that use our facilities have to limit membership because there is not enough room on the river for all the crews and we have to start looking for somewhere to build another boathouse.