Tales from the River

This page just came as an idea after doing a presentation when I said " I could talk all day about this" and all I had was 5 minutes to persuade them to give us $300,000.

So this is going to be lots of snippets and funny little anecdotes that say you should support rowing in Utah because we all know everybody thinks "What! there's rowing in Utah!"

Sure is.

First one and I think my favorite.

This was a number of years ago and my daughter was playing soccer and my wife was the soccer coach. A few of the kids had gone to "Competition Tryouts" the next level up with professional coaches and one had come back telling tales of woe...

If you did Competition you had to eat right and couldn't eat cupcakes. They were all devastated, so one night one of the kids is watching the Women’s Eight win the Olympic Gold in 2008 and says “If I can't eat cup cupcakes I would like to try that!” Her mom laughed and told her there was no rowing in Utah. The soccer mom obviously thought this funny enough to tell my wife, the soccer coach, who thought it was even funnier when she replied “You’re not going to believe this! But my husband is a rowing coach here in Salt Lake City!.”